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Aziz Ansari's Netflix Special Will Make You Laugh—Awkwardly

In a new standup set, Ansari makes his #MeToo moment the backbone of the show—for better and worse.

In 30 seconds, Aziz Ansari reenacted Twitter before a live theater audience. He reminded the crowd of a social media scandal: a pepperoni pizza from Domino’s that kind of looked like a swastika and kind of looked like a pizza, turning its chef into an instant pariah. He asked the audience members to raise their hand if they’d seen a swastika and then if they hadn’t, a kind of outrage Rorschach test. He asked one man where he’d first encountered the image. The guy said he’d seen it in *The Washington Post. Spoiler: He hadn’t. No one had. Because swastika pizza has never existed. Ansari made it up.

Ansari’s point, he said, wasn’t to humiliate his audience of posers, though he likely did. It was to prove that, right now—which, not so incidentally, is the name of this new Netflix comedy special—people need to have an opinion on everything, even things they know nothing about, in order to feel valid. He even came for the prudent souls who refrained from raising their hands at all, saying he knew that every single one of them had been more worried about missing a viral moment than the fate of swastika pizza chef. It got a big laugh, so he may have been right. Damn, I thought. This is relevant.

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