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    • August 24, 2017 1:31 AM CDT
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      Training Session For Soccer

      First Kick Academy: Offering Soccer Couching Courses for Children

      Are you in a dilemma about making a suitable choice of a soccer coach for your child? If yes, then First Kick Academy is the one-stop destination that eases up your task of finding an experienced and qualified coach for your child. Organizing effective Training Session For Soccer camps, they aim at nurturing sports skills of children. These camps are conducted at the time of school holidays of children during June and December so that children can freely enjoy their time without disturbing their academics at school.

      The camps organized by First Kick Academy aim at building up teamwork and friendship among children. They incorporate various games and activities in their training camps, in order to engage more number of participants. Their 2 days camp is scheduled at the convenient timing from 9:00 am-12:00 pm.

      They boast a team of well-trained coaches who are certified and trained under their in-house training coaching course. Coaches follow their curriculum strictly to ensure that weekly objectives are met in a proper manner. The coaches come from different walks of life and undergo an interview, internal training module and on the job training, before getting appointed as coaches in First Kick Academy. Their internal training module is a course specially designed and conducted by first kick coaches development. In FKCD, the coaches learn about different aspects associated with child development, which assist them in conducting an effective soccer training session. Along with training their own coaches, they also carry out coach education for other people who are keen towards having a better understanding of qualified soccer coaching.

      First Kick Academy possesses a well-structured curriculum, which is specifically organized according to the age of the kids to prevent different injuries and ensure your child’s safety. Different  sports coaching courses provided by them intend at developing the sports skills of children and building up sports enthusiasm among them. They assure you that your child is getting trained in a fun-driven and safe environment. Their soccer facilities aid in growing an affirmative interest of children towards soccer.

      First Kick Academy endeavours at organizing the most effective  football training camp  for developing a spiritual sportsmanship in children associated with football. Therefore, if you desire to boost up your child’s sports skills through proficient guidance of experienced coaches, then First Kick Academy is the place for you.

      For more information, please visit


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