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    • August 23, 2017 5:46 AM CDT
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      Jacksonville Chiropractic

      Atlantic Chiropractic: Your Go-to Clinic For Injury And Pain Recovery

      Does your back hurt and restricts you from doing your daily chores and hinders your natural routine? Then you are not alone, there are millions of Americans who are affected by back injuries, shoulder pains, neck troubles, joint pains and a whole lot of other problems. With Atlantic Chiropractic, you can deal with the nastiest of pains and troubles and end them.

      Jacksonville Chiropractic uses manipulation of spine and other alternative treatments like therapeutic strengthening exercise and myofascial treatments to treat the problems; in theory the body’s musculoskeletal structure like the spine would allow the body to heal by itself without the need of surgery or medication. Chiropractic is done to relieve the pain of muscles, cartilage, ligaments, bones, joints and tendons. Chiropractic can also incorporate nutritional counseling, exercise or rehabilitation or posture correction to help you understand your problems and end them.

      The services provided by Atlantic Chiropractic include:

      1. Chiropractic- To use spinal manipulation and other techniques to reduce tension on nerves, bones, joints, muscles, fascia and other soft muscles, these techniques are safe and 100% drug and surgery free.

      2. Advanced Myofascial Release- This manual therapy includes a routine of specific exercises combined with the hand massages from the treatment provider. Rehab exercises and dynamic movements may also be used in this technique.

      3. FAKTR- The instrument assisted soft tissue treatment and functional movement or exercises are the most effective forms of rehabilitative treatments to help fast recovery to sportsmen or vehicle-accident injuries.

      4. Jacksonville Acupuncture- Through the insertion of needles into the specific points in the body, natural healing is experienced.

      5. Postures Correction- They provide awareness and educate people about the benefits of proper posture and help them avoid major problems naturally through posture correction.

      6. Massage Therapy- The hands-on therapy of deep muscle, connective tissue and superficial muscle manipulation in order to give relaxation, enhance muscular function and promote healing.

      It is a beneficial treatment and can help you in conquering more than a dozen problems naturally without the need of any drug or medicine.

      With Atlantic Chiropractic, you will receive the best customer service and first-class care for your back pain Jacksonville and neck pains and all the chronic and acute problems you’re hurting from. They have the most experienced and professionals who are committed to help you in the best way possible to give you the comfort that you need.

      For more information, please visit http://www.atlanticchiropracto href="" target="_blank">

      Or call (904) 503-7291

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