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Commentary: What Trump’s erasing of Obama’s work says to people of color During the tyranny of apartheid in South Africa, there was the phenomenon of “black spot” removal. This referred to the dismantling of shanty towns or settlements set up by black South Africans in areas designated for whites only. The dismantlement of the shabby, fly-by-night structures of these settlements was usually conducted forcefully by the police, whether necessary or not — and without prior notice to the inhabitants, who were generally immediately displaced and left with nothing but the clothes on their backs. These black stains seemingly had to be obliterated to maintain the purity of the whites-only area, to reinforce white dominance and control, and to eradicate the reality of native black South African existence. President Trump and his cohorts seem determined to remove the “black spot” left on the history of the United States by the administration of President Barack Obama. Show more