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NAJEE ALI: AN OPEN LETTER TO ALL AFRICAN AMERICANS WHO LOVE NFL FOOTBALL - Colin Kaepernick took a stand for black women, children, and men who were being killed unjustly by police nationwide with no convictions and for all people of color. He gave up his plate and I didn’t hear him ask you to give up yours. Courage isn’t for everyone. “I get that.” This is about police brutality and the black balling of a man because he kneeled to bring attention to the police murders of people of color. Kaepernick put millions on the line and potentially sacrificed his career, so people of color could live in peace, without the threat of state sanctioned murder. When the NFL or any corporation punishes a man for standing against police brutality then that means the league and that company or corporation is in favor and a supporter of police brutality! So we can’t give our money to any business that doesn’t support black and brown lives and our issues? What black people need to understand is Kaepernick is in a position like what Rosa Parks faced in what helped give birth to the civil rights movement. # Show more