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Mr. Bootstate says:   PEOPLE OF COLOR - RISE! – SHARE & JOIN!! We represent 98% of the world’s population, yet we let the one and two percenters dictate our every move. Now that we have technology at our fingertips, the lost sheep can network and find their way to thy brothers and sisters around the world. More than five years in the making,  can now bridge this gap that our oppressor used to divide and con quer. No longer do we need the middleman. No longer do we need discrimination, blocking, and putting us in internet jail because we are expressing our opinions on social media.  prides itself of not restricting our members from voicing their opinions with true freedom of speech. I’ve witness personally how other social media sites block Blacks, and allow non-Blacks to continue their rants and rages. We as People of Color are victims of discrimination and incarceration daily in the real world and do not need this on social media. However, it’s time to network with the People of Color around the world and take our rightful place. For far too long People of Color have invented and others have stolen and represented. People of Color around the world, rise and let’s network. Go to  to sign up or download the mobile app from the Apple or Google Play Store for free, using the keyword: Wegotups. Show more
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